Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Never Ending Card

Much like the Never Ending Story, this card just keeps on going! It's almost mesmerising. You just want to keep turning it.

The main thing to remember with this card is not to put bulky embellishments on it as it needs to be able to fold through all the faces without getting stuck. I found an excellent set of instructions here (remember, no point reinventing the wheel).

So here is an example I made while at MUFOG:

This is the front of the card - the start if you like.

This is position 2 - the first set of fold backs.

This is position 3 - the second set of folds

And position 4 - the last set of folds before you get back to the beginning!

I again recommend that you use one line of paper so that all the panels match and a 6 x 6 paper pad works beautifully here. If you get a single line of product, you can use the matching stickers, rub ons and other flat embellishments to dress it up.

Have fun!


- Kim

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