Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Finds!

I had some great finds yesterday.  The first is some workout pants that are actually long enough!  I tried the men's sweats from Big W as suggested by some friends but apparently I have hips!  Who knew?!  So those ended up in Drew's closet (his inital response was - "I didn't buy these.")  I found these in the women's section of Best and Less.  They are like yoga pants but they are finally long enough.  No more cold ankles when I walk in the morning :0)

Then I found a new phone cover.  I had been looking for something different and more suited to my sensibilities.  When I found this, I knew it was it:

It's made by a company called Gubbi and is made from vintage recycled fabrics.  So cool and the inside is purple!  I love it!

The day before we went to the park for a friend and her daughter to meet some new people that were involved in the new school they enrolled in here in town.  While running after the toddler, I managed to get the following:

He was climbing through a tunnel with little holes in the side and was playing peek-a-boo with me.  I had hoped to catch him and got a lucky shot!

I also wanted to take the chance to say thank you to all those beautiful people who spent time with Pierce this school holidays and took him off my hands for a few days.  He had so much fun with all of you and I appreciate your support and help so much :0)

Hope you all have a great weekend...

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