Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a Week!

I have been struggling to get back on here since Wednesday.  DH has had so much work that we have barely seen him and then, Thursday, Friday and Saturday - we just didn't see him at all!  With the two kids always at my side, I just didn't have the time to write.  When they were in bed, I was too exhausted to pick up the computer!  I just have to give a shout out to all my single parent friends - I only had 3 days of no partner (and I had some beautiful friends who came to rescue me on Saturday) - you guys do the only parent thing ALL THE TIME!  I don't know how you do it and stay sane.  I admire you all so much - especially since your kids are fabulous :0)

As I said, I was rescued on Saturday in two ways.  First, my friends Cat and Aimee came to town to keep the boys occupied.  While we waited to meet them for lunch, the boys had a run around on some of the new seating areas outside of Target in the mall.  Got some cute snaps to share!

They are growing up so fast!  After a lovely lunch, we headed off to Kid City for the boys to have a play as the weather was not the best.  We were hanging out waiting for DH to finish at work.  When we arrived, Spidermonkey disappeared and we barely saw him for the time we were at the play centre.  Cappuchin was so excited!  He just didn't know where to go first!  He kept running back and forth between Cat and the table we had set up waving and shouting HI.  We were there for two hours and I don't think he stopped moving once.

I thought for sure Cappuchin would yell the house down when we left, but I think he was worn out.  I was also sure he would be sound asleep before we hit the highway for home.  I was wrong again!  The little turkey stayed awake the whole way home.  He saved the screaming for the bath tub where he could get the most resonance going (and my ear, just because he felt like sharing) and then sobbed himself to sleep in his bed - poor little tyke was so tired.

DH let us know he couldn't make it home as planned so I was in a quandry as I had planned an evening catchp with some friends in Canberra.  Suddenly, I was without anyone to look after the kids.  I didn't want to cancel on my girls seeing as I was the one who organised the whole thing!

An hour later Cappuchin was awake and joined Spidermonkey in the lounge with the last minute babysitters - Cat and Aimee - who stepped in a second time that day to save me :0)    Spidermonkey helped cook dinner and I tried to leave surreptitiously so that Cappuchin wouldn't get upset but I heard him yell just as I got to the car.  Thank goodness for Hi 5 or I think my babysitters might have absconded!  By the time I got home, DH had arrived home and the whole house was sound asleep.  Ahh, the bliss...

Sunday was great fun as Spidermonkey had a good friend around and they played all day with Cappuchin running between them and me.  DH was helping some friends move and when they called it quits for the day, they all came here for dinner and a relax.  Our friends were struggling to keep their eyes open so I was glad we offered help and dinner.  Just one last thing they had to worry about seeing as moving is such a stress! Spidermonkey's friend was back again on Monday and fun was had again.  The two are such great pals and can play with or beside each other without any dramas.  What's even better is the friend doesn't put up with Spidermonkey's occasional sook sessions - she just says "Suck it up!"  Love it!!!

So today is a lazy one - and I'm glad too.  It is a horrible day outside - windy, raining and very cold...there may even be snow!  May need Hi 5 to come to the rescue again ;0)

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