Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What a Beautiful Day

Today was a day for walking.  Of course, it helped that I didn't have the car today!

I'm sure the people around town now recognise me as the strange lady who never wears a coat but this morning was particularly funny - I was in short sleeves with Cappuchin all rugged up in his pram with the wind cover on!  I noticed several double takes from cars which was funny for me.  Still, I was comfortable and enjoying the walk once I dropped off the nattering Spidermonkey.  The sun was lovely with no wind - and that's the kicker.  When there is wind, at least a long sleeve shirt is needed ;-)

This afternoon, Cappuchin decided he didn't want to be in the pram whilst Spidermonkey and I walked.  He walked almost all the way to the park from the school (about 3 long blocks).  We then had a play in the park.  I was dreading leaving as I knew Cappuchin would not cooperate.  He certainly put up a fight as I tried to get him back in the pram but as soon as he was buckled in, dummy in mouth, all was good.  He has been sitting very quietly ever since, watching Hi - 5.  I think we wore him out!

Here are some pics of the adventure:

I really must remember to get out on these sunny days more often.  It certainly lifts the pall that can creep in during the cold winter.

Hope you all had a fabulous day too!

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