Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday is Swimming Day

I know it's an important skill for children to learn but I often dread Saturdays.  Not only do I have to get up like it's a normal day, but I have to get into a swimsuit and show myself in public =0. Now, I can hear you say, it can't be that bad.  Well, you are right and wrong!  I'm fine as long as I have my towel wrapped around me.  Once that comes off, the cringe worthy moment stretches until I have submerged myself in the pool with DS2.  I suppose the part that gets me the most is people looking at me.  I can't tell if they are looking at my tattoo and thinking "Wow!" or even "Is she crazy?" OR if they are looking at all the cellulite my beautifully aged legs have and thinking "How do you get so many lumps and bumps in one place at one time?!" What makes it worse is that I EARNED these legs; pregnancy wasn't just for the addition of a child.  I earned my spots (or in this case, lumps and bumps), even if I didn't really want them..  Either way, it makes for a very long cringe worthy moment; even though it's only about 4 steps to the pool!

In addition, I often have to get grumpy with DS1 (forthwith to be called Spidermonkey) to get him out of the house on time, all the while dealing with DS2 (forthwith to be called Cappuchin) who has decided that whatever noisy, large toy he has hold of has to come with us or there will be a tantrum to be had.  Once we get there, I have Spidermokey to get sorted for his lesson (why do they never understand the concept of 'in a hurry'?) all the while reminding him that he needs to be ABOVE water to hear the instructor.  When he is in the pool, Cappuchin and I play in the parents room (whose idea was it to have their lessons an hour apart? *sheepishly raises hand*).  I have my fingers crossed the whole time we are playing that Cappuchin is in the mood to swim, otherwise the whole routine - from changing to lesson and back again - can be a real challenge.  Who knew that a nearly 2 year old had the ability to turn himself into a slippery eel and have the power of a ninja at the same time?

Luckily, today was a good day.  After the usual rush of getting out of the house, Spidermonkey was able to move quickly and paid attention in his lesson.  Cappuchin was an absolute joy!  He played the change game and had a ball in the pool.  Not a single crying session throughout the entire time.  So, what did I do either last night or today that was different?  No, really, someone needs to tell me cause I have NO clue!!!!

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