Friday, June 24, 2011

I Got Out of the Car and Saw...

This beautiful little bud...

I tried to take the photo with my phone camera but just couldn't get what I wanted.  Luckily DS2 was willing to let me go back out with my macro lens and take some shots.  I used the Canon Macro Lens EF-S 60mm for those who are interested.  With a little tiny play in Photoshop, and here the bud is for you to see! 

As I was walking back into the house, I saw these:

Chewie didn't want to sit still so I only got part of his face but I like it anyway.  I don't know what it is about flowers that draw me in.  Maybe it's the vibrant colours. 

When I came back in, DS2 wanted a photo too so I obliged:

A macro lens is not my first choice for portraits!  But he wouldn't let me get away from the door until I took the picture.  I had to stay standing too as when I got down to his level, he had his nose right in the lens.  It's cute though, at least I think so :)  Now I just have to find something other than my children and flowers to take pictures of!


  1. I have a child you could take pictures of. LOL

  2. Hehehe! It's been a thought I've had to make it into a business.