Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Crafty Day

Cappuchin decided to cooperate today and have a long nap.  This translates into great craft time!  Generally, he's only asleep long enough for me to get my base and a few embellishments picked out (ok, I take forever but it's the way I work :>)  However, with the longer sleep, I was able to get something about 2/3 finished before I had to pack both myself and Cappuchin in the car for the weekly Kumon trip down to Calwell.  Want to see?  Welllllll, it's only a sneak peek because I'm giving it away very soon.  I promise to reveal all (from the last post too) in the next few days so here is your peek (actually, it's two):

The butterfly was coloured with Smooch Inks.  I love the shimmer!  I can't wait to show you the whole project - I'm actually a little proud of this one :0)

Oh, and all that sleep made for one happy little guy this afternoon.  Here he is playing on the outdoor playground at the club we go to while we wait for Spidermonkey:

Seeing as it is late, I suppose I should get off to bed.  It's Harry Potter night with the girls tomorrow!  I finally get to see the last movie.  Sleep well!

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