Sunday, March 25, 2012

Creative Chemistry - Day 4 Homework

Right!  So Day 4 has been all about re-inkers.  I don't have any Distress Re-Inkers (one of the things on my long list of desires) so I played with what I had which in this case was a limited range of Stampin' Up re-inkers.  I only had one mini mister too so I used the Glimmer Mists and Smooch Sprays that I had along with one mix of re-inker and water.  For the final tag, no Cut n' Dry Felt either!  I had this mounting board that was styrofoam in the middle with a cover on both sides.  I peeled back the cover and gave the soft fabric uncover a try.  It was marginally successful - another item to add to the list!  All in all, considering the substitutions I made, I am quite please with the results - and I learned heaps!

So here they are:

As usual, there are close ups too:
Tag 1 is Watercolouring with Re-Inkers.  There is actually a light colour wash over the tag which is hard to see.

Tag 2 is Layered Misting.

Tag 3 is Custom Stamp Pad.

I was hoping to get Day 5 done as well so that I would be up to date but I have found that I NEED the manilla tags that I have ordered.  So far, I've been able to get away with plain card stock but the last two techniques for Day 5 just didn't work because the paper disintegrated under the water.  So, I hope I can get Day 5 and Day 6 up tomorrow night!

If you want to know more, go to Online Classes and sign up for the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry class.

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