Thursday, March 29, 2012

Creative Chemistry - Day 6 Homework (I'm catching up!)

Day 6 is all about markers - Distress Markers - which I don't have yet.  Would love to have them but just haven't gotten to that purchase.  So, I used Stampin' Up markers.  Still water based ink but without some of the other properties of the Distress Markers.  Still, I had fun colouring!  I wish I had kids who wanted to sit and colour.  It's so relaxing.

So, here they are - the three tags:
Let's go backwards today (because I can):

Tag 3 - Stamping with Markers
I've done this before but I have never added the distress ink over the top.  I was happy to see that although I wasn't using a specialty stamping paper, my marker colours didn't get covered up - there was a sort of resist there.  Like this tag a lot!

Tag 2 - Blending with Markers
Well, I've never been the best blender but I have to say that the last flower on this tag (the yellow one) is the way I would go from now on!  So easy!

Tag 1 - Watercolour with Markers
Again, I think the last flower is best.  This will be my water colour technique!

So, until Day 7 - enjoy the day.



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