Friday, March 30, 2012

Creative Chemistry - Day 8 Homework

Day 8 is all about Crackle - Crackle paints and resists to be exact.  I don't have any of the Distress Crackle paints - except Rock Candy (which I luv and will now need to get more of!) so I used a combination of that Rock Candy and Claudine Hellmuth's Acrylic Paint.

Here's the three tags:
I have to admit, I found this challenging.  Although the resist technique on the left is one I've attempted before, the other two were completely new and I will need to practice some with the techniques.  I love the last tag's technique...just need the appropriate tools (more colours of Distress Stain!) and a different medium to adhere it to.  The middle tag may work better from my perspective both with Distress Crackle paint AND with an actual manilla tag!  Still, overall, I am happy with my first play, just need to do more :0)

So here are the close ups.  Tag 1 - Paint Dabber Resist
I only have a Snow Cap paint dauber but I really do like the look!

Tag 2 - Crackle Paint Resist
There is more going on here than you can really see from the photo.  It was a fun technique, I just need more practice and the right paper and paint.  The Rock Candy just makes it too glossy.

Tag 3 - Shattered Stains
Again, I love this technique!  I can think of so many applications for it.  My main problem here was my butterflies are made of balsa wood and the crackle was a little unhappy about sticking once it dried even though it was untreated wood.  Next time, I will prime it first; or use chipboard or grunge board (just didn't have either of those this time).  DEFINITELY will do this again!  Maybe very soon too :0)

So, Day 9 will be along shortly and then Day 10 for tonight...then, it's over!  *sigh*  Still, so much fun!

Thanks for taking the time to look!



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